Man Refuses to Give Up on Troubled Puppy, Takes Him in to Uncover the Reason for Multiple Returns to Shelter


Man Refuses to Give Up on Troubled Puppy, Takes Him in to Uncover the Reason for Multiple Returns to Shelter

A man walked outside to see why potential adopters were returning a lovely puppy. When he first took the dog home, his intentions were to help get the dog ready for adoption, but they soon altered.

Abe and Abbi, two canine siblings, were transferred from Puerto Rico to New York to increase their chances of finding a forever home.

Abbi was adopted a short while afterwards, leaving only Abe in the shelter. The animal shelter employees believed the dog would quickly find a home. And that’s what happened when a coworker made the decision to adopt the dog, according to The Dodo’s senior editor John Handem Piette.

They were overjoyed that Abe had been adopted, but he didn’t stay away from the shelter for very long. Since Abe is so sociable and well-liked, all the other dogs in the shelter were quite happy to see him again. The staff started to wonder what the problem was that prevented Abe from being accepted in light of this. Abe was likewise adopted after two weeks, but less than a month later, he was given back again!

The decision to adopt Abe and give him a new name—Bean—was decided at that point by John and his girlfriend. To keep Bean with them, the two were prepared to go to any lengths. John reports that the shelter sent him back twice because the dog was causing so much trouble.

As soon as the dog entered John’s house, he started pulling on the leash, chasing birds, and ruining his dog bed and shoe. However, the pair resolved to use a great deal of patience in an effort to influence Bean’s behavior.

When the coronavirus initially appeared, the couple made the decision to relocate Bean to John’s parents’ house. This was a significant decision because it allowed him the chance to see snow for the first time and swim in the family pool. It was easier to manage Bean’s enthusiasm as he started playing with Tigger and racing around the house because we had two cats, Simba and Tigger.

Simba did not respond to Bean like the others did. When Bean arrived at John’s parents’ house, everyone benefited. He moved in right away and rapidly established himself. The couple decided to keep the dog indefinitely. What a pleasing result! Check out the video below.

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