Stray Dog Gets Revenge for Being Kicked by Driver: Brings Friends to Trash His Car


It is often said that it’s best to not disturb sleeping dogs, but one driver learned this lesson the hard way after kicking a dog out of a parking space.

The angered dog later returned with a group of friends who wreaked havoc on the car, causing damage to the fenders and wipers.

You see, this motorist actually disturbed a sleeping dog by kicking it out of his parking space. When the dog later returned, it was very upset and had a group of buddies with it.

The pack of dogs kept wrecking the cat, ripping off the fenders and wipers, and doing all kinds of other harm.

The owner remained unaware of the revenge plot until a vigilant neighbor witnessed the dogs destroying the vehicle and captured photographic evidence. Don’t forget to share this story with your friends and family!

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Bella Mathers
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