Couple Adopts Abandoned Pittie, Discovers Fascinating Secrets About His Breed


When puppies come into the world, their mother’s love and care are essential for their well-being and happiness as they grow. Unfortunately, not all puppies have the opportunity to experience this nurturing bond with their mothers.

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Koby, a Pit Bull mix puppy, was among those who were separated from their mother at a crucial time in their development. His owners, who were breeders, abandoned Koby and his siblings outside a shelter in South Carolina simply because they weren’t purebred Pit Bulls.

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Instead of being nestled close to their mother, the puppies found themselves in a cardboard box, longing for warmth and affection from anyone who would show them kindness.

Thankfully, shelter staff swiftly took them in. Recognizing the dire situation, Ollie’s Angels Animal Rescue, a non-profit organization in New York, stepped in to provide them with care and support.

In 2021, Steven and Jessica, a newlywed couple eager to adopt a dog, crossed paths with Koby at the rescue. Instantly drawn to the sweet tan Pit Bull puppy, they knew he was meant to be a part of their family.

Koby’s bond with Steven and Jessica was evident from the start. He melted into their arms, and they knew they had found their furry companion. With joy in their hearts, they took Koby to his new forever home.

Adjusting to his new surroundings took some time for Koby. Initially restless at night, his loving parents found a solution by providing him with a warm stuffed animal that mimicked a heartbeat, bringing him comfort and security.

Koby’s affectionate nature quickly endeared him to Steven and Jessica. He adored cuddling with them on the couch and craved their companionship at all times.

Steven, pleasantly surprised by Koby’s affectionate nature, quickly learned just how much Pit Bulls love being close to their humans. With unwavering love and care, Steven and Jessica raised Koby as if he were their own child.

Despite being separated from his mother at a young age, Koby showered his human parents with unconditional love. He became particularly protective of Jessica during her pregnancy, often resting his head on her bump, seemingly aware of the new life growing within.

While Koby cherished his bond with both of his parents, his special connection with Steven was undeniable. Every day, he eagerly awaited Steven’s return from work, greeting him with boundless enthusiasm and affectionate hugs and kisses.

For Steven, Koby wasn’t just a pet; he was family. The joy of coming home to Koby’s loving embrace brought solace on even the toughest days.

Koby’s presence became an integral part of their daily lives, bringing immeasurable joy and companionship. Steven and Jessica couldn’t imagine life without their beloved furry companion.

Through occasional updates on Instagram, Koby shared glimpses of his idyllic life with his family, now including a human sister whom he adored and watched over with unwavering love.

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