A lone dog tied to a bench waits hopefully for his family’s return


Dogs, if given the ability to communicate, would express a deep desire for love and affection from their human family every day. Their happiness is found in the warmth of their loved ones’ embrace.

The story of Gordough, a pit bull mix, reflects the heartbreaking reality of many mistreated dogs. Abandoned and tied to a park bench, Gordough waited in hope for his owners to return, only to be left alone.

Dog tied up to a bench
Source: 15/10 Foundation

Rescuers from the Austin Humane Society discovered Gordough in poor health, in need of medical attention. Despite his condition, the dog showed gratitude and excitement upon being rescued.

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Source: 15/10 Foundation

After receiving care and affection from the shelter staff, Gordough began to heal both physically and emotionally. His gentle nature and gratitude won over the hearts of those around him.

Thanks to the support of the 15/10 Foundation, Gordough received the necessary medical treatment and found a loving foster home. Eventually, his foster family realized he belonged with them and adopted him, promising him a lifetime of love and care.

Gordough now enjoys a life filled with love, playtime, and naps, free from the pain of his past. His story serves as a reminder of the resilience and joy that can come from finding a loving forever home.

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Source: 15/10 Foundation

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