Smallest Dog Saved from Puppy Mill Meets First Friend


Meet Ruggles the Shih-Tzu, a gentle soul, now in a place where a fresh chapter awaits. He found a new buddy, freshly liberated from a tough situation to mark this new beginning. Chompers the kitten, abandoned under a porch at just two days old, became Ruggles’ first companion. The video below captures their very first encounter.

Both Ruggles and Chompers had challenging starts, but now, they thrive in health and happiness thanks to the love of their adoptive families. Ruggles, in particular, gained popularity as the ambassador for the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. Today, he visits classrooms to educate children about shelter pets and the realities of puppy mills.

If you’re wondering why they weren’t adopted together, it’s because Chompers (living up to her name!) was a bit rough on young Ruggles. Due to his health concerns, it was decided that separate adoptions would be best for both. Nevertheless, both Ruggles and Chompers are now surrounded by love and joy.

Watch their heartwarming video below.

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Bella Mathers
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