Internet falls in love with short-legged dog patiently waiting for free fried chicken


The internet has fallen head over heels for a little short-legged dog patiently eyeing a batch of irresistible fried chicken, and it’s easy to see why!

This charming golden retriever has not only won over the stall owner’s heart but also captured the attention of countless online admirers with his clever strategy to score some free fried chicken!

In a series of delightful images, the clever pup is depicted sitting in front of a tempting fried chicken stand, fixated on the mouthwatering treats.

Initially shared by an anonymous user, the story describes the dog’s adorable persistence: “I noticed this dog parked in front of a fried chicken stall, eyes locked on the food. The caption reads, ‘He even refused to budge, staying put in front of the stall like a little champ. Please hurry up with my order; I’ve been waiting patiently.'”

It seems this adorable canine was hoping for his owner’s attention, strategically stationed outside the stall to hopefully snag a complimentary piece of fried chicken.

But as time passed without his order arriving, the pup’s expression turned from hopeful to dismayed, complete with a comically glum face.

The images of the dog’s hilarious antics quickly went viral, spreading joy across the internet.

However, some viewers were quick to point out the potential health risks of indulging in fatty foods like fried chicken and sitting in an awkward position, which could harm the dog’s spine.

Despite the concerns, there’s no denying the dog’s charm and determination in his quest for a tasty treat!

Let’s give a round of applause to this adorable and savvy pup for his valiant efforts to score some free fried chicken!

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