After Being Unwanted and Put on a Kill-List, 4 Elderly and Toothless Chihuahuas Are Finally Adopted Together


Julie Docherty was initially apprehensive about having a pet after moving to Los Angeles. Instead, she chose to volunteer at a nearby shelter, knowing it required a significant time commitment while she settled into her new environment. It was during her first visit to the shelter that she met MoMo, an 11-year-old Chihuahua, and instantly fell in love, deciding to adopt him!

After learning that the shelter had many elderly dogs, Julie welcomed three more senior Chihuahuas into her home. Despite none of them having a single tooth, Julie’s quartet of Chihuahuas—Benito, MoMo, Choli, and Paloma—are absolutely delightful!

This group of Chihuahuas functions like a senior dog club, doing everything together. Whether it’s sunbathing or snoozing, they are living their golden years like royalty!

Julie’s decision to take in geriatric pups ensures they have a loving home throughout their golden years. How heartwarming!

Watch their heartwarming story in this fantastic video by The Dodo!

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