UPDATE: Heartbroken Tommie Bear has been returned to the shelter and is now feeling down


Tommie Bear, nestled quietly on his bed at the shelter in Houston, Texas, seems hardly to notice the passersby outside his cage. The forlorn pup was sadly returned to Harris County Pets after just a few months.

Originally a stray, Tommie Bear arrived at the shelter in June 2020 with a microchip, initiating a six-day hold for his owner to reclaim him. Two interested families stepped forward to adopt him. However, the first family, unable to keep him, passed him on to another household, which either allowed him to roam freely or eventually brought him back to the shelter.

Now, four months later, Tommie Bear, having experienced little human interaction or positive reinforcement, appears despondent and lost. Back at the shelter, he finds himself surrounded by unfamiliar faces, loud noises, and an uncertain future.

“… The adopter mentioned he tends to be quite protective of his person-owner and may not be suitable for households with children. Dogs, especially of this breed, require consistent guidance and leadership.

Just look at him in this video: bewildered, downcast, not understanding what went wrong…

“It breaks my heart and worries me, which is why I believe he needs a rescue to oversee his adoption this time around. Inexperienced adopters might struggle, and Tommie should not have to face abandonment like this again,” shared a shelter volunteer.

Here are a few notes from Tommie Bear’s unfortunate journey at the shelter:

LATEST UPDATE 10/22: BEAR, ALSO KNOWN AS TOMMIE KS, RETURNED AFTER ONLY A FEW MONTHS OF ADOPTION! He deserves a new, loving home—let’s find him one! Please share his story once more!

UPDATE 7/9: Our apologies for the confusion, but it seems Tommie will remain with us; despite an earlier email stating his adoption, he is now back on hold for adoption. We will provide further updates tomorrow to keep everyone informed.

-UPDATE 7/6: HE REMAINS ON ADOPTION HOLD…still waiting to leave the shelter, we’re keeping a close watch until he finds a new home.


The core of Tommie’s tale is that he was once adopted by a loving family, who believed in him and welcomed him as a cherished member.

“My family and I welcomed our bear home a week ago, and he’s settling in wonderfully!” Tommie Bear’s new mom shared, “He’s a big cuddly bear, and his name suits him perfectly.”

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